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Pocket Power Affirmation Box


Have you ever needed a little pick-me-up on a particularly bad day? Or been unable to give yourself the affirmation and reassurance that you needed? Have you ever wished you had exactly the right words for someone struggling, but been unable to come up with them? This DIY kit includes all the materials you need to make three Pocket Power Affirmation Boxes! Each box contains the affirmation and reassurance we all need sometimes. Keep it in your desk drawer, backpack, or give it to someone struggling, to be reminded of your inner power and self worth! Kit includes sloth, llama, and fox affirmation box.  

Fox inside: You are braver and stronger than you think. This too shall pass. 

Fox back: "You are the sky. Everything else-it's just the weather." Pema Chodron

Sloth inside: Hang in there! You're amazing!

Sloth back: "Rather than letting our negativity get thebetter of us, we could acknoweldge that right now we feel like a piece of shit & not squeemish about taking a good look." Pema Chodron

Llama inside: Be brave, dearheart. It's ok to say, "Not my probllama" 

Llama back: "Daring to set boundaries is abouthaving the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others." Brene Brown